Friday, January 15, 2010

5 nabbed from Barda Wildlife Sanctuary while cooking rabbit meat

5 nabbed from Barda Wildlife Sanctuary while cooking rabbit meat
Times of India

Five people were arrested by forest officials in Barda Wildlife Sanctuary while they were about to cook rabbit meat near Chhapiya lake near Mokhala village in the reserved forest area.

According to forest officials, officials were on patrol during the night when they saw few people cooking something in the reserved forest area. On interrogation, it was revealed that they had killed rabbits and were about to cook the meat for meal.

Forest officials said they also recovered a country-made gun from the accused. The arrested were identified as Dhiru Raja Dafer, Raja Mamad Dafer, Khima Dafer, Hansraj Koli and Dayalji. It was also revealed that Dayalji is expert in making guns.

"One of the accused was earlier booked under the Arms Act. The accused have been sent to Jamnagar jail. According to forest officials, the sanctuary having a forest area of 192.31 sq km is relatively small in extent. However, it's characteristically abundant in floral diversity, which consists of a good number of medicinal plants.

In fact, very high percentage of rare and endangered plants occurring in the area is an important component of the sanctuary. This area was declared as sanctuary in 1979.

Forest officials in Barda Wildlife sanctuary and surrounding areas intensified its patrolling to nabbed bootleggers and liquor making activities in the forest areas.

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