Friday, August 21, 2009

Poachers again in Gir?

Poachers again in Gir?
Divya Bhaskar
Briefly translated from Gujarati

Eight Asiatic Lions were poached in Gir in March-Apr 2007. again it seems they are active in the region.

Two days before a lion cub was trapped in the clutch – wire trap laid by unknown people at Mandor village area of Veraval Sub-district in Gir West. Due to alertness of local villagers and the forest staff the cub was immediately rescued with little injury. It was taken for treatment and will be released with its own pride in two days.

This has made everyone to doubt and worry about poachers again being active in the region.

The place where trap was laid belongs to coastal bell of Gir where about 15 lions are residing. 70% of this belt is revenue area (non-forest land) and there area more than 10 different roads going out of this area (for safe exit). Forest Dept. has started severe combing in 12 villages of this area including Savani, Dari, & Sutrapada coastal belt. Sarcastically in such a situation, Five RFO, twenty foresters, Two ACFS (Jamwala & Sasan) and on CF (Normal) posts are vacant in the area.

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