Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lion attacks two, farmers in a panic

Lion attacks two, farmers in a panic
Times of India

Big cat fear gripped Bila village of Mahuva taluka, where two persons, including a forester, were mauled on Wednesday by a lion that strayed into a farm. This incident has created panic in the village. Farmers are now scared to venture into farms even though government provides additional power supply for irrigation at night.

According to forest department officials, the lion pounced on farmer Manu Talaviya, 45, while he was watering the crops. "As the big cat tried to sink its teeth in the victim's throat, he grabbed it by its ear and pulled it with force. This shocked the lion, which leaped into the farm full of standing crop of bajra," said forester Nilesh Jani, who was also injured in the attack.

When the lion started roaring, Talaviya and other labourers in his farm climbed trees. The matter was reported to the forest department and Jani reached the spot accompanied by two other officials.

"We decided to drive the big cat back into the forest by shouting. However, when I shouted, the lion suddenly jumped out of the farm and pounced on me. Luckily, it did not kill me but ran away after mauling me," said Jani, who has been admitted to Mahuva government hospital along with Talaviya.

Says villager Jiva Parmar, "We get power supply mostly at night. This has created a problem for us as no one dares to step out of the house now. Many of us have heard roaring of the lion." Villagers have urged the forest department to ensure that the lion is caged at the earliest.

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