Friday, August 21, 2009

Mob attack home of forest officer

Mob attack home of forest officer
Divya Bhskar
Briefly translated from Gujarati

A group of 70 women and men including Sarpanch (Village Head) were going through the restricted forest area in Dudhada range. Two guards and Range Forest Officer stopped them politely and explained that they should not enter the restricted forest area. While RFO was requesting them, village head got angry and started abusing the officers and his staff. Looking to the heated situation staff left the place with warning not to enter the restricted areas again.

But at 10 PM mob of 500 villagers of Dudhada headed by Sarpanch attacked the residential quarter of forest staff and also broke his jeep. Local Police was called immediately to control the mob. Now Situation is under control. Dudhada is located in Gir East.

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