Saturday, August 08, 2009

Leopard in the house

Leopard in the house
Gujarat Samachar
Briefly translated from Gujarati

An exciting and fearful drama happened at Bhadiyavadar village near Una.

Mangalbhai Karshanbhai Nandwana (Age – 40) woke up in the morning and left his room for morning formalities. When he returned he found a female leopard, about 4 years old, had entered his room through backside verandah. He tried to scare away tried to scare away the animal, but it retiriated and attacked him. He started shouting and his nephew Laljibhai came to his rescue. He too was attacked by the leopard.

Finally they shut the room with animal inside. Then Forest Dept. Staff caged the leopard with 3-4 hours of strenuous efforts.

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