Sunday, April 15, 2007

One more Asiatic Lion Dead Body found. Total Score = 3+3+1=7

In March2007 six Asiatic Lions were killed by poachers in Gir in Gujarat – India. Gir is the last abode of Asiatic Lions were only 359 of them survive (may be figure has still reduced!).


Yesterday one more lion dead body found in Bhavnagar district. Total poaching score is 3+3+1=7. They also say that body parts found yesterday may be of more than one lion also!! The speed of poachers' success is tremendous. If poachers continue at this speed than in couple of years only Asiatic Lion in wild will go extinct. And the cause will be "The Most dangerous creature of this planet – Selfish Human being".


For the first time in wildlife history of Gujarat such lion poaching cases have taken place. Lion body parts and bones are used for Chinese medicines and claws are worn as pendants. It is very much important for all of us to crack the crime to save them. I write this to seek you help. Where ever on globe you are, please keep your eyes and ears open to find out fishy thing happening around you. Also please visit your nearby Chinese medicine shop or such exotic items shops to find out FOR SALE Asiatic Lion (may be under tiger camouflage!) products.


Also please pass on this message to Wildlife Crime Agency in your country / city. Alternatively let us know address of such agencies and we will communicate with them.


Please help us to Save the Asiatic Lion. Let us protect them so that our children can also see them in wild!


Read till date news stories on this blog.


Kishore Kotecha

Wildlife Conservation Trust of India

Rajkot – Gujarat – India


Phone: 0091 98240 62062

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