Friday, April 20, 2007

Narco test for two poaching accused

Times of IndiaBy Sourav Mukherjee Date: 17-04-07


AHMEDABAD: Truth serum will be administered to two women, who are among the 17 suspects arrested from Una in connection with lion poaching in Gir.


On Monday, Bachi and Mantas — two of the 15 women held in the case — were brought from Gir to the Directorate of Forensic Sciences in Gandhinagar for a series of forensic examinations to solve the poaching racket, sources said.


CID officials, investigating the poaching of the Asiatic lion, feel that these two women hold the key to the masterminds behind the killings of eight lions since last month.


The women, who belong to Katni in Madhya Pradesh, are illiterate but managed to dodge key questions during interrogation.


They will now be subjected to narco-analysis and other forensic tests, like brain mapping, finger printing and polygraph (lie-detector).


Mantas, wife of Ujjal Singh — a poacher, had told the police about the kingpin in the poaching racket, Suraj Singh, who lives in Ahmedabad.


Police officials say the women are quite nonchalant in their interaction with authorities and have cleverly evaded questions about the real brains behind the racket.


"Since most of the gang members, who have been arrested are women, we have to get after the real kingpins and other male members of the gang," said an official.

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