Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Shaying – The Gir song (Invader ZIM)

Shaying – The Gir song (Invader ZIM)
Astranal Projection


The Gir Song from Invader ZIM (Original Track) by Shayning Gir has a lot of funny songs! the Gir tacos song, the gir waffles song the doom doomy song and many more! he's kinda stupid but funny robot, an Invader ZIM track is something I always wanted to do and recently I got a chance to do, a DIB and GAZ track is surely something I plan to do in the future or maybe even an Invader ZIM theme remix but meanwhile enjoy the cupcake and tacos by GIR and ZIM :) Shayning is a GOA & Fullon Trance Project by Shay Hugi from Israel, Original track 145BPM. Released on 10-12-2009. Main Influences: Astral Projection, Sesto Sento, Gataka, Invader ZIM, Jhonen Vasquez, Ferbi Boys, Electro Sun, Pixel and many more..

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