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Number of Asiatic Lions increase to 411 in Gujarat

2-5-2010  13:00 Hrs

Number of Asiatic Lions increase to 411 in Gujarat

Press Trust of India


Gandhinagar, May 2 (PTI) The census conducted in Gir forests last month has revealed that there are 411 lions in the area which is considered to be the last abode of the Asiatic lion in the world, Gujarat Government said today.
"Out of the 411 lions, there are 162 females and 97 males. There are 77 cubs less than one year old and 75 cubs are aged between 1-3 years," Chief minister Narendra Modi said, adding, there were only 359 lions as per the last census held in 2005.
The census was conducted by over 1600 forest official during April 24-27 in the Gir forest which is spread over in three districts of Junagadh, Amreli and Bhavnagar.
During the last five years, over hundred lions had died.
Some died naturally while others were killed in infighting or succumbed to diseases.

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Jay said...

This is really wonderfull!!
Government and NGOs efforts and giving fruitful result now.

We have to be thankfull to people around GIR sanctuary also.

Keep it up to preserve our Pride!!

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