Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Eleven blackbucks found dead, poisoning not ruled out

Eleven blackbucks found dead, poisoning not ruled out

Times of India

In a shocking development, no less than 11 blackbucks were found dead under mysterious circumstances in Nana Hadmatiya and Kana Vadla area in Junagadh district on Monday night.

Officials said the possibility of poisoning through water or fodder cannot be ruled out as there were no external injury marks on the carcasses. These blackbucks were found dead in the revenue area of the two villages in Visavadar taluka of the district. This is probably the first incident in the recent past where such a high count of the endangered species were found dead at one place.

Officials said the incident was reported to them late in the night on Monday. The water samples and even the samples of the mud have been taken and sent for examination by the forensic science laboratory, said officials.

The range forest officer in charge of the region said there were artificial water holes in the vicinity. The poison could have been mixed in these waters. He said the possibility of poisoned fodder also cannot be ruled out.

Officials also said the blackbucks in the area were in confrontation with the farmers as the animal always moves in a group and these groups destroy the standing crop, thus causing losses to the farmers.

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