Friday, May 07, 2010

Leopard killed after injuring 4

Leopard killed after injuring 4
Times of India By Yagnesh Mehta

In a tragic incident, four people were injured in an attack by a leopard which was killed subsequently by one of the victims at Unn village of Mandvi taluka in Surat district around 6 am on Thursday. The leopard died on the spot as its head was crushed with a land digging tool. Of the four injured, two seriously injured were brought to New Civil Hospital (NCH) for treatment and the other two admitted to Sardar Hospital, Bardoli.

Prabhua Rama Halpati, 35, got up early morning and was going out to wash his face. To his surprise, a leopard which was sitting inside the house jumped on him and injured him on the face, chest and left hand. Prabhu managed to escape from the grip of the leopard. The leopard then entered the adjoining residence of Nagar Bhikha Halpati, 30, and injured him on chest. Both of them were shifted to NCH, Surat in a critical condition.

It then attacked Ketan Govind Halpati, 20, who was standing outside his residence in the neighbourhood. Govind, father of Ketan, on watching this, launched an attack on the wild cat. They suffered injuries on many parts of their body, including hand in the attack.

Govind smashed his land digging tool on the head of an aggressive leopard, which tore it off. The leopard fell on the ground following the deadly injuries and died.

The Unn village, which has a population of 1,500, was shocked.

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