Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Leopard kills 20 sheep in Bhavnagar village

Leopard kills 20 sheep in Bhavnagar village
Times of India

A leopard caused the death of over 30 sheep and injured 20 more in a village in Mahuva taluka of Bhavnagar district in the wee hours of Tuesday. While the big cat injured and killed 20 sheep, about 40 others reportedly jumped into a nearby well to save themselves.

Sources in Mahuva said, the incident was reported at 2 am in Neswad village. "Mammaiya Bhangra, a shepherd belonging to Guvana village of Jamnagar district, had recently migrated to Neswad with 450 cattle including cows, sheep and goats," an official of Mahuva range office said. Bhangra awoke with a start as he heard the cries of the animals. He spotted the leopard killing his sheep but was helpless as he was alone.

"A total of 30 sheep have died. While the leopard killed 20 sheep, those that jumped into the well were brought out by forest officers and locals but about 10 of them couldn't take the trauma and died. The rest, about 10 to 12 sheep have been kept under observation," the official said.

Meanwhile, in Dhari range in Amreli district, a leopard was trapped in a cage laid in the range during Tuesday night. The leopard had been causing panic in Dhari and nearby villages of Sarasiya, Jeera and Dudhala. The animal has been sent to Jasadhar animal care centre for medical check-up.

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