Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lion attacks, injures 2 in Talaja

Lion attacks, injures 2 in Talaja
Times of India

Two youths were attacked by lions causing serious injuries in Talaja village of Bhavnagar on Monday. Ahir Punja, 45, was working in his farm in Talaja when a lion sprung out from the bushes near his farm and caught him. Ahir managed to escape but sustained serious injuries and was rushed to Talaja hospital and later taken to Sir T Hospital in Bhavnagar.

At 11 pm, Bharat Waghela,30, was walking in his orchard where he was accompanied by seven to eight friends. when a lion, which was resting under a tree, attacked him. His friends saved him in the nick of time and rushed him to Talaja hospital.

Talaja, Mahuva, Palitana and Gogha talukas are home to at least 33 lions, who have migrated from Gir sanctuary, owing to increase in their population. The migration has also brought in reports of their attack in villages.

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