Friday, October 30, 2009

Sick lion cub rescued after six-hour hunt

Sick lion cub rescued after six-hour hunt
Times of  India

A sick lion cub was rescued by forest department officials from a farm near Khambha on Thursday morning after a six-hour-long operation. After first aid, it was shifted to a care centre. Farmers informed forest officials about the ill cub. It took them six hours to find it.

A fortnight ago, an injured lioness was found from east Gir in Mandvi area of Jasadhar range. This is close to Babariya range, known for poaching cases.

The injured lioness was found in a trap. It was shifted to Jasadhar wildlife treatment centre. It was old and blind and was in the trap for over three weeks.

According to Gir Nature Youth Club president Amit Jethwa, who has written a letter to Chief Minister Narendra Modi, at least three lions were found injured and a lioness was found dead recently. The last incident was declared to be a result of infighting.

Earlier, a cub was found from a trap in Veraval range. An injured lion from the sanctuary area was also shifted to Sakkarbaug zoo from Ransivav area after its condition deteriorated.

TOI repeatedly made calls to district forest officer Anita Karne but she was not available for comment.

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