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Saints of Girnar oppose notification regarding Parikrama.

Saints of Girnar oppose notification regarding Parikrama.
Divya Bhaskar
Briefly translated from Gujarati

Every year four day Girnar Parikrama is held in Junagadh starting from pious Dev – Diwali day. Lacs of tourists and pilgrims take about 35km circular route around Girnar mountain. Earlier the area was a reserved forest but now it is converted to Wildlife Sanctuary. Recently administration issued a notification which prohibits the pilgrims/tourist not to enter the forest by leaving the prescribed track, not to light fire (cook food) and not to play loud music or microphones, as these things pollutes the environment and disturbs the Wildlife. Notification also prohibits private stalls, tents and hawkers on the route inside the sanctuary.

This was highly opposed by Barat Sadhu Samaj. (Saints community) saying that pilgrims don't eat charity food and hence they need to cook their own food. On the contrary they demanded that administration should protect the pilgrims from Wildlife. They also said pilgrims must be allowed to play music and religious songs and to collect wood for fire from the forest. Sadhu Samaj said that such measures are taken by administration to add to the difficulties of the pilgrims and there by discourage more pilgrims/tourist taking part in Parikrama.


Anonymous said...

--- On Sat, 10/31/09, Jaidev Dhadhal (jaidevjai@gmail.Com) wrote:
To: Asiatic_Lions@ yahoogroups. com

Are they 'saints' or professionals? They want more & more people there in forest and want them to fill their donation boxes!!!! When they are having their temples in sanctuary area, it is surprising that why they are not ready to follow environmental laws and rules? Whenever any environmental protective step is being taken, they (so called saints) opposes it. It is apparent that they are damaging the forest by all means and that is why they have to oppose such protective policies. It seems that they want to turn the sanctuary in a picnic spot or a common pilgrimage which is not in a protected forest.
Jai Girnar.

Anonymous said...

On Sat, Oct 31, 2009 at 11:49 AM, Dhaivat (hathi_d@yahoo. com) wrote:

Forest Department must not consider such requests considering the importance of Gir and Girnaar Wildlife, as it is Girnaar is facing much pressures due to public (vehicle's traffic jam in forest area during Diwali !!) so we must not let this happen..
but as always, do we, nature lovers have any say?? which makes difference??
Dhaivat Hathi.

Anonymous said...

--- On Sat, 31/10/09, Jaidev Dhadhal (jaidevjai@gmail. com) wrote:
To: Asiatic_Lions@ yahoogroups. com

Why we always think that nature lovers don't have a "say" in such issue? Postponement of Ropeway Project is an example of result of effective conservation efforts. Joining hand on such issue may achieve results, a bit late it may be..........
But we may not drop efforts by just presuming that we don't have a "say" in such issue. If we don't 'say' something on such issues, we are the most selfish individuals, because we enjoy and use nature more than rest of the society.

Anonymous said...

--- On Sat, 31/10/09, amit jethwa (amit_jethava@ in) wrote:
To: Asiatic_Lions@ yahoogroups. Com

We have to verify proper implementation of such notification and laws. Last year several FIRs booked on record and nominal fine imposed. Forest Department avoided to file FOR against Khodiyar Ras Mandal for entering more then 10 heavy vehicles during parikrama violating such notification and wild life laws.
We collected all papers related with encroachment in Girnar Sanctuary, FORs during last 3 parikrmas and also many other documents which help us to file petitions in courts. We also want to change parikrama route. Any one who want to become petitioner please contact any time, we are ready to help in any kind. Thanks, Jay Girnari
Amit B. Jethava

Anonymous said...

--- On Sun, 1/11/09, ankit shukla ( wrote:

The Atmosphere of Parikrama is not devoted to GOD anymore....
Only 20% public comes for the religious purpose, else come for picnic....Yes a picnic in a sanctuary for 4 days where everything is provided free of cost....
People only want to get something from forest but in return they give nothing to it....

I dont want to highlight myself and my friends but i would really like to mention that today itself we captured app. 35 bathing soaps, 10 washing soaps and innumerous pouches of Shampoo from the so-called dhaarmik parikramarthiyo. .... THis is the feeling of people towards forest... This years rain was not sufficient so no flowing water in forests was present and as a result all the stagnant water is now dirty....

Plus we collected innumerous bamboo sticks(cut from the forest, although they are provided a stick of their own during starting phase of parikrama).. .

Parikrama is a real nuisance acc. to me....But it cannot be banned coz of spiritual reasons....But surely we cud find out some alternatives to prevent the misuse of Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Anonymous said...

--- On Sun, 1/11/09, amit jethwa (amit_jethava@ in) wrote:
Dear Ankit
As per settlement report this route only available from Devdiwali. As per wildlife protection act night hault and habitat distruction shall be procecuted. Would like to file writ and demand for alternate route which may be out side of protected area.
Efforts of you and your friedns really apreciable. Please call at your convenience, like to discuss on Rupayatan tree, parikrma, encroachment etc. issues.
Amit B. Jethava

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