Friday, October 30, 2009

Lioness attacks 13 year old boy

Lioness attacks 13 year old boy
Gujarat Samachar
Briefly translated from Gujarati

On 15th Oct. Keshu Lakha (Age – 35 year, Resident of Jasapur) and on 20th Oct Gunjabhai Janjiya Chowdhari (Age – 25 Resident of Jasapur) were attacked by lions. In recent incident, a 13 year old boy Mahesh Ratbhai Ratbhai Bambhava was returning back to his home in Ankolwadi from his farm on Bhamnasa Road. He was attacked by the lioness mother with two cubs near Chelana lake. Hearing his call for help, Bhupatbhai Rambhai Bharwad rushed and rescued the boy. He was taken to Talala and then to Junagadh hospital. He had about 18-19 stitches and severe injury.

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