Friday, October 30, 2009

Forest dept to keep strict vigil on parikrama

Forest dept to keep strict vigil on parikrama
Times of Indis

No plastics allowed. Gas cylinders to be used for cooking - no wood to be used. The forest department has laid down these guidelines to minimize environmental damage that the Girnar Parikrama may cause.

More than 90,000 yatris have started the parikrama which is officially scheduled to begin on Thursday, said Junagadh collector Ashwani Kumar. Lili Parikrama, as it's known in Kathiawad, is an annual circular religious tour of Girnar by devotees.

Due to the efforts of the administration, police and forest department, yatris are now more conscious about the environment and understand why it's vital to save trees and protect the jungle. In the past, there have been incidents of forest fires and complaints of pollution.

Moreover, the Nalpani Ghodi forest department has set up counting points. Because of heavy rains this year, many roads were washed away and mud slides were reported. Forest department has cleared and repaired roads on a war footing. Chlorinated water and milk are being provided on the way. Hawkers are not permitted. Police force is also on alert to provide security.`

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