Saturday, October 10, 2009

President Patil visits Gir Sanctuary

President Patil visits Gir Sanctuary
Press Trust of India

President Pratibha Patil today visited the Gir Sanctuary, the last habitat of Asiatic Lions in the world.

The President, who arrived in Sasan from Dwarka, went to watch lions inside the Sanctuary and spent around two hours, state forest department sources said.

However, it was not clear how many lions were spotted by the President's party.

The department had made special arrangements for President at Kamleshwar dam and Dedakiya where lions were spotted in the last three days. The National Park lies 65 km south-east of Junagarh in Gujarat.

A special 'Dhamal Dance' was also performed by Siddi community later in the evening at "Sinh Sadan" where the President will have an overnight stay.

Of the total of 1412 square kms, 258 square kms are fully protected area. The sanctuary was established in 1965.

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