Saturday, October 10, 2009

President offers maha-puja at Somnath Temple

President offers maha-puja at Somnath Temple
Indian Express By Sibte Husain Bukhari

President Pratibha Patil offered Maha-puja and took part in the Aarti at the famous Somnath Temple on Saturday morning, followed by a round of the temple premises. She left for Diu later in the day, where she will stay for the night.

On Friday evening, President Patil had visited the world famous Gir forest to watch the Asiactic lions. The President's convoy reached the interiors of the forest around 5.30 pm. During her two-and-a -half hour stay in the forest, the cavalcade covered some 50 kms during which she saw more than a dozen lions and other wildlife.

At one point of time, a lioness and her cubs came close to the door of her car, putting the security personnel in a tizzy.

After her return from the forest, a group of Sidi youths performed the Dhamaal dance at the Sinh-Sadan guest house. Later she interacted with members of the tribe and presented them with mementoes from the Rashtrapati Bhavan. President Patil also met women from the Maldhari tribe, who reside in tiny hutments located in the interiors of the forest. She also spent time with award winning artist from the Sidi tribe-Hirbaiben.

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