Monday, April 14, 2008

Lioness gives birth to 3 cubs near Jafrabad


Lioness gives birth to 3 cubs near Jafrabad

Times of  India Ahmedabad Edition

Rajkot: There’s good news for nature lovers - a lioness has given birth to triplets near Jafrabad in the Amreli district. While the forest department is closely monitoring the cubs and their mother, it is keeping mum about the spot, where the lioness had been sighted with her cubs.

A forest official said, “We are not disclosing the location of the lioness and her cubs, fearing the danger of poachers who are still on the loose in the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary. Also, we don’t want undue attention from people, who may disturb the animals.”

The official added that “Following the news that three cubs were sighted in the Bawal shrubs on the bank of a river near Jafarabad, we reached the spot. The lioness and her cubs had made the shrubs their home since a week. As the river is nearby, water is easily accessible to the wild cat family.”

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