Saturday, April 12, 2008

Beware! Lion Poachers may still be around


Beware! Lion Poachers may still be around

Divya Bhaskar (Briefly translated from Gujarati)

Eight Asiatic Lions were poached in Mar-Apr 2007. Many accused are caught by state CID, and further investigation is being done.

In a letter, CID wrote to IG – Police Junagadh, Amreli and Bhavnagar to be vigilant as poachers may still be active in the area. As mentioned in the letter, about 15000 ‘Bavariya’ community people from Katni district Madhya Pradesh and ‘Bahiliya’ community people from samalakha area in Panipat distict in Hariyana’s livelihood is killing wild animals through out India.

They are like nomads, put up their tents on the outskirts of villages. Under pretext of selling toys, farm labours and showing poverty, men kill the animals during night time. Their women & children are equally clever. Children too begin their career by killing birds & small animals and women deliver the body parts to the recipients. They hide animal body parts under their skirts and tops to fool the Police.

These people never use their original names. Instead, to hide their identity, they use their trade-names like Circuslal, Diesel Singh, Motor Singh, Cyclebhai etc.

CID police, giving out this information in their letter, have warned District Police to be careful and look around such people.

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