Saturday, April 26, 2008

3 Villages under lion attack


3 Villages under lion attack

Times of India

Dhari(Amreli) : Striking terror in thre villages of Dhari taluka on Thursday, three separate prides of lions killed five buffaloes and a neelgai.

In the first incident, a pride of 12 lions suddenly appeared in the Dalkhania  Samerdi village early on Thursday. Causing panic. Few cats entered a farmer’s courtyard and killed two buffaloes.

The pride feasted on it till late evening, keeping the villagers on tenterhooks. In the second incident, again on Thursday, a pride of five lions struck at Kankrach village.

They targeted three buffaloes grazing in the fields of some farmers. Locals said the lions had been staying on the outskirts of the village for the past one month.

In yet another incident, two lionesses chased a neelgai into Vaghania village and later killed it.

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