Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Encroachment in Forest acquired land near Gir


Encroachment in Forest acquired land near Gir

Sandesh (Briefly translated from Gujarati)

Seven months before forest department had legally acquired some land in Patla village of Dhari Taluka in Gir East. Yesterday forest bit guard was digging pits to plant some trees with the help of three other labours. In the meantime, three kathi brothers, Dilu Kathu, Kanu Kathu and their elder brother stopped them to do so saying the land is in their possession. They also abused, threatened and stopped them from entering the land. It is pity that forest dept is not able to get the possession of its own land!! There are many such pieces of land which are declared as forest in 1977, but are still in possession of private parties and being cultivated by them. Police complaint is filed in this case before Dhari Police by guard Shailesh Dodiya.

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