Monday, April 21, 2008

Gir Lion attacks a youth


Gir Lion attacks a youth

Divya Bhaskar (Briefly translated from Gujarati)

In Rampara village of Talala Taluka, Arvind Purushotambhai Abhangi was working in is mango farm. Three lions were sitting below one of the mango tree. Unaware of their presence, Arvind went near them and one of the lions attacked him. It mauled on his thigh and hit on his buttocks by sharp claws.

Gathering strength, young man ran and climbed up the tree. He showed bravery and started yelling. After making sure lions had left, he climbed down and on his bike went back home. Immediately he was taken to Talala hospital and then to Junagadh for further treatment. He got 18 stitches on his thing and is safe now.

Forest department, on getting the news, immediately sent their staff to send lions back to forest area.

Kishore Kotecha’s Comment:  This brave are local people living in Gir. Living with lions, they have become courageous as lions. I am sure, inspite of attack, Arvind would love lions even more than before. This is the secret of successful lion conservation of Gir.

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