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King needs buddies too

King needs buddies too
Times of India By Himanshu Kaushik

The King of the Jungle does not usually associate easily with a lion from another pride.There is animosity between two subadults group,but in Dhari region two sub-adult lions have become the subject of interest among beat guards as they are generally joined at hip.

The two do not only move together but also make a kill together on several occasions.Hasmukh Patel,a resident of Dhari says,These two are always spotted moving together.First we thought them to be brothers.But later the beat guard on duty told us that they are from different prides.

One sub-adult belongs to Gir group while the other subadult is from Khamba.The two were forced to leave their homes.But since they were isolated,they teamed up and have now become best friends.

The beat guard,recalling an incident,said that a fortnight back,one of the lions went to hunt a neelgai.But the animal proved to be stronger than him so he had to move back.Sensing trouble the other sub-adult too jumped on the neelgai.With support from his friend,the two finally succeeded in hunting it down.Their kill lasted for nearly two days.

The two are setting up their new territory and are now attracting young females from the nearby areas.Soon the two would be having their own,new territory, the guard further said.The two are seen going to the ponds and resting in the fields,close to each other.

Deputy conservator of forest,Sandeep Kumar said that such incident of males from different groups getting together is out of compulsion.Sandeep came across an incident where two brothers captured the largest territory in Gir,and made friends with the old lion who was in that territory.Such friendship is more common among females, he said.

Sub-adult lions from different prides have become friends in Gir

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