Monday, August 06, 2012

Dosti dissolves distance in the wild

Dosti dissolves distance in the wild Times of India

For the wild animals,friendships are born out a need to survive.During the safaris at Gir,one often notices a group of monkeys near a herd of herbivorous.These close friends warn the herd in case of a leopard or lion attack.

Officials said that these two animals share a unique friendship.Monkeys throw fruits and leaves on the ground for the herbivorous animals to feast upon.
Deputy conservator of forest Sandeep Kumar says that during the time of summer the friendship is for food,while in the monsoon it is for the safety of the herbivorous animals.During summers,the peacock also becomes friendly with monkeys and herbivores.

He said these friendships are symbiotic relations born out of compulsion.A fortnight ago,a peacock and fowl was seen moving together as the fowl was isolated from its herd.It was found that the peacock on the tree would warn him in case of danger.In another incident during April-May,when peacocks are establishing their territory and dance to attract the peahens,the monkey comes to their rescue incase a leopard,lion or wolf closes in.Usually it becomes difficult for the peacock to close its feather quickly while dancing and a timely warning by monkey saves him.

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