Monday, January 09, 2012

Narco test sought for flamingo poachers

Narco test sought for flamingo poachers
Times of India By HImanshu Kaushik
Print Edition

The nine arrested in the poaching of 64 flamingos are proving to be hard nuts to crack for the forest department. The department has now decided to seek permission from the court to conduct lie detection test on the nine accused.

The accused will be produced in the court on Monday where the forest department will move an application for lie detection test. The officials said the nine accused arrested so far in the poaching incident are not cooperating in investigation. The arrested are just maintaining that they had killed the birds for their own consumption and did this for the first time.

"Their behaviour indicates that they are hardcore criminals and it was not their first brush with crime," an official said. The arrested include Chatur Thakore, Ashok Thakore, Hiten Thakore and Dhanji Thakore — all fishermen and residents of Morbi and two others, Ishabhai Miyana and Juma Karim Miyana. Officials said they tried speaking to the villagers, especially a different community but the entire village was united to not speak about the incident or cooperate with the department. Also, they do not have an informer here.

The village is in the interiors of Kutch and difficult to reach for the staff. There is only one forester as in charge of the area, which is over 300 sq km, from Navlakhi Bandar to Tikal. A senior officer admitted that the staff had never seen the village or visited it.

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