Monday, January 02, 2012

Ahmedabad 2012: What's on cards?

Ahmedabad 2012: What's on cards?

Development chart
Quite a few roads and flyovers have been proposed and even been mentioned in the budget of 2011-12; for example, the railway over-bridge connecting New Ranip and Old Ranip, over-bridge over the railway crossing at Jalaram mandir in Paldi and the elevated corridor from CN Vidyalaya to Vastrapur village. The work of the above projects is likely to start in 2012. However, the final decision will depend on the survey results by Central Road Research Institute (CRRI). The institute is conducting a survey of vehicular traffic on different roads, based on which suggestions will be provided for stretches that need flyovers. "The survey results will be completed in two months, after which decision will be taken which flyover to construct," said an official of AMC. Work has started on model roads of the city. As part of the first phase, around 45-km stretch is being beautified. The next phase of 50 km is being planned for 2012.

Will MP get some of gujarat's lions ?
If no new twists come up, it might finally be a curtain call for the controversial issue of moving a pride of Asiatic lions to Madhya Pradesh. Hearing on both sides has concluded and the national board for wildlife in India is also believed to have given its opinion. The court has now to pronounce its verdict. The Gujarat government has been adamant about not parting with any lions for an alternate habitat in MP's Kuno wildlife sanctuary.

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