Monday, April 25, 2011

Seven detained for lion killing


Seven detained for lion killing

Times of India

 Forest officials late on Sunday night detained seven persons from Valar village and nearby areas of Talaja taluka in connection with the killing of a lion. Forest officials said that they have detained seven persons and are interrogating them. The lion carcass was found from village's gauchar land on Friday. Forest officials suspected that the animal may have been electrocuted by an electrical fence put up by farmers to keep animals away. 

Senior forest officials maintained that they are awaiting the forensic report to ascertain the actual cause of death.

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Jaidev Dhadhal said...

Most of the farms (Vadis- having water facility) in these areaqs of Talaja, Mahuva, Palitana are having fences with illegal electricity passing in them. Earlier, Nature Lovers SMSed to RFO Mahuva that this area is having wild life like Asiatic Lions, Leopards, Wolves and many farms have fences with electicity passing through them at night time and this wildlife can be electocuted any time. That time Forest Officer replied to people who SMSed him that they are doing their job but Nature Lovers may ask Electicity Company to take action. As if saving wildlife is the duty of Electricity Company!!! If Electicity is not taking action to stop illegal electrocution of fencings and the same is harmful to wildlife like Asiatic Lions, Leopards the forest department can take action and they can book responsible electicity company employees for inaction on their part.
Till today many farms are having electocuted fencings.....

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