Friday, January 14, 2011

AMC to host environment film festival from Jan 17

AMC to host environment film festival from Jan 17
Times of India

Delhi-based Centre for Media Studies and the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation AMC will jointly host a green film festival from January 17-22. It will feature as many as 40 films on environment to be shown at different schools and colleges in the city. "Six of the films are based on the environment of Gujarat, including the film 'The Asiatic Lion - on a roll call', which will be shown at the inaugural ceremony. Screening of every film will be followed by a series of discussions," said Narender Yadav from CMS at a press conference.

The green film festival and forum is based on the idea of informing and educating the youth about the importance of national parks and their contribution to the environment by means of issue-based films. The event It will also emphasise on local environme-ntal problems and recommend solutions. It has two segme-nts - the competitive and the travelling film festival. Environmental issues like pollution, reducing forest cover and conservation of flora and fauna will be addressed supported by panel discussions, a filmmaking workshop and an eco-tour.

There will also be a workshop for school teachers.

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