Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Why Gir's lion count is important

Why Gir's lion count is important

Delhi Daily News
Are there too many Gir lions in Gir? Experts hope that a lion census which got underway this weekend will help them answer this question.

One of the proofs of this is the wave of man-animal conflicts in recent years. This calls forbetter management by the wildlife authorities. However, the present challenge which experts are facing is to establish it. For this, they are using advanced equipment.

Dr. Sandeep Kumar, DCF, Wildlife, Gir sanctuarysaid "We want this to be a perfect exercisehence the technology -- GIS, GPS, camera traps, digital cameras, zeroing in on their groupings, their sizes, structure, composition, with the use of technology."

Enumerators will carry out a total block counting method. This method is based ondirect sighting. Indirect evidences will not be taken into consideration.

An area of 22,000 sq km is covered by Gir. Each of the 2200 enumerators will take care of about 1000 km each.

The count will cover 1,400 sq km area of Gir sanctuary along with eight districts of Saurashtra region.

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