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Gir’s lion numbers rise claims latest census, 500 says the count

Gir's lion numbers rise claims latest census, 500 says the count
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This is a welcome change from the past. A latest report suggests that the number of Asiatic lions has gone up in Gujarat's Gir forest. It is needless to say that after their dwindling numbers it must have given lovers of big cat a great reason to rejoice.

Reports suggest that the ongoing census of the Asiatic lion that came to end yesterday suggested that after going down regularly, the population of lions has finally gone up. Latest census data suggest that their number has gone up to as much as 500.

It is indeed a welcome news and census proves that the Asiatic lions number has gone up by as much as twenty percent in the last five years. Officials associated with the cumbersome task of census claim that the number of sightings of the lions was very encouraging, adding that their population outside the Gir sanctuary had risen substantially.

Forest department seems to be very excited with the new revelations. Officials claim that it was indeed very encouraging to see the increase in the number of cubs in the age group of 0-3. They were sighted in good numbers and this was a sign of healthy conservation. The officials said that in the sanctuary area, including the core area of Gir National Park, the count remained constant.

An official while talking to media said, "This was because the sanctuary was saturated and had more lions than its carrying capacity. According to a study, the carrying capacity of sanctuary and the national park was around 250 lions and cubs but around 290 lions were estimated to be there in Junagadh and Sasan Gir Sanctuary".

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