Friday, May 15, 2015

Number of Asiatic lions in Gir goes up to 523: Census

Number of Asiatic lions in Gir goes up to 523: Census

India Today

An Asiatic lion rests in Gir forest
An Asiatic lion rests in Gir forest

According to the latest census report, the number of Asiatic lions in Gir sanctuary and its surrounding areas has gone up to 523.

"The census of lions has revealed that their figure has gone up from 411 to 523 this year," Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel said.

The 2010 census had revealed the figure of Asiatic lions to be 411, Anandiben Patel said, adding that their population has increased by 27 per cent.

As per this year's census, there are 109 male lions, 201 female lions and 213 sub-adults as well as cubs whereas in the 2010 census, the figure of male lions stood at 97, female lions were 162 and cubs were 152.

Notably, the lions' habitat area has increased to 22,000 square kilometres, which has almost doubled in five years, Gir Sanctuary Superintendent Sandeep Kumar said.

As per the census, 268 lions were sighted in Junagadh, 44 lions were counted in the Gir-Somnath district, while in Amreli, 174 lions were sighted and in Bhavnagar, 37 lions were found.

"Conservation of lions is a glorious success story.

More than 2 lakh lions were found in Africa, whose population has now decreased to less than 30,000. However, in Gir, the number of lions has shown an increase after every census," Kumar said.

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