Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lioness was killed, but poaching ruled out

Lioness was killed, but poaching ruled out
Times of India

The postmortem report of a lioness found dead in Gir two days ago stated that the big cat died due to severe injuries by a sharp weapon. The forest department has booked an offence under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972 and are further investigating.

District conservator of forests, Dhari, VJ Rana told TOI, "The lioness, aged around 10 years, was found dead on December 16 in the Rajasthali nes of Tulsishyam range of Gir forest in Dhari taluka of Amreli district."

The body was sent for postmortem to Sasan town in Gir. "The lion died due to severe injuries to the left thoracic (heart) part of the body with a sharp instrument like an axe," Rana said.

Sources said the wounds were so severe that two ribs of the lionesses body were broken. Ruling out the possibility of poaching, Rana said, "There is no doubt that it's an unnatural death. However, as the nails and skin of the animal were found intact, therefore, prima facie this does not look like an act of poaching."

A source in the forest department said officials are investigating the possibility that Maldharis of the area killed the big cat in self defence or to protect their domestic livestock. "It's a possibility that the killing may have occurred due to self defence or retaliation after domestic animals were killed," a source said.

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Jaidev said...

A Times of India report says that the post mortem report of a lioness found dead in Gir two days ago stated that the big cat died due to a severe injuries by sharp weapon.
More strange is the statements being made by forest officials. Singing the same old "claws & bones intact" song and though the investigation has not yet commenced they have made up their mind that the death is caused by someone in self defence and not a poaching case. Such baseless, premature statements on part of higher officers can adversly effect the oncoming investigation by lower officers. And killing schedule I wildlife in self defence too is not permitted. Until & unless the culprit proves the self defence such killing is same offence as the poaching is. But it seems that here forest officials are trying to prove what the culprit has to prove.

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