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24 Lions killed in 30 years

24 Lions killed in 30 years
Divya Bhaskar
Briefly translated from Gujarati

Lion killing is not a new event in Gir. King of the jungle has been killed in past by other stake-holders of the Gir forest. Before independence Maharaja's (kings) and Nawabs hunted for fun and false pride. After independence royal animals are being killed for its precious nails. (In India, people wear this nail as a pendent. It is blind faith that it brings luck and courage.) Some times the lions are killed by Maldharis in retaliation of cattle killing. Only and only men has to be blamed for such killings. In some cases, culprits are also caught. (Kishore Kotecha's Comments :- But how many are punished!!)

Lets have a glimpse of such killing in Gir East.
• Two lions were killed by poison in Leruja Ness before three decades.
• Twenty five years before a lion was killed and then burnt at Rajsthali Ness. Vasur Masri was caught.
• A lion was injured with axe. When it was feeding on its pray. Magots had developed in her injury but luckily it survived.
• In 1996 three lions wre shot by gun at Shemardi Ness. Darbar Kanu Badru resident of Patla, ex-village head of Khisri Kanu Badru and Koli man from Rajasthani were caught.
• A lion was killed by an axe before 8 years at Gadhiya village. Culprits were also caught but due to political pressure the file was close.
• Two lions were poisoned at Patla village before four years and killed. Clawas were missing from the dead bodies. Later three persons were caught with 34 claws.
• Some times back two cubs fell in to the Open Well and died. They were chased by the vehicle, it is said. But no one was caught or accused for it.
• Six lions were poached in Babariya range and two lions were poached in Bhandariya village by Madhya Pradesh poachers. They were caught and punished.
• Five lions were electrocuted by electric fencing around the farm in Prem Para village near Dhari and they were buried. After two years of this incidence, accused are in jail but still the case is pending in the court!(This is our judiciary system!)
• Finally before two days Lioness is killed by an axe before two days at Rajsthali Bit.

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