Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Pride of lions chased by train!

Pride of lions chased by train!
Times of India
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In a bizarre incident, a pride of six lions ran for their lives while a train followed them, chugging on a track in Dhari. Luckily, no casualty was reported in the incident.

According to railway officials, the incident occurred on August 29 on Dhasa-Veraval railway track. "I got a shock when I spotted not one or two, but six lions, strolling on the track. The train, which had just left Dhari and was heading for Veraval was negotiating a curve when the big cats were sighted," said NK Gohil, engine driver of Dhasa-Veraval passenger train.

"The lions were frightened by the engine sound. They became even more agitated as I tried to drive them off the track by blowing the engine whistle. Instead of running off into the forest, they kept running on the track with the train on their trail for quite sometime," he narrated.

His presence of mind saved the lives of the big cats as he slowed down the train. The drama ended when the lions left the track and descended the slope near Pipaliya village.

However, the incident was a free safari ride for many passengers, especially children, in the first two coaches of the train. "We experienced a mix of emotions fear, thrill and above all delight, as children sitting by the windows had a good view of running lions," said Ravji Parmar, a passenger.

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