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Asiatic Lion Habitat in Perils...

Asiatic Lion Habitat in Perils...

The Chief Minister, Gujarat State.
The Minister of Environment.

Sub:       To avoid the prime territory of Asiatic Lions (Panthera Leo Persica) from Deforestation in Rupayatan area of Girnar Forest, Junagadh, Gujarat, India

We would like to draw your attention regarding the deforestation and rehabilitaion programme that is going to take place in the Rupayatan area of Bhavnath Taleti. This place is selected as the optional residency for the people who lost their home in the demolition that took place in Bhavnath few months ago.

This area of Rupayatan is under Revenue area, and took 40 years to attain its best state. This patch of Revenue area is regularly used by Asiatic Lions, Panthers and many other Wildlife which are mentioned as Schedule-1 in the Red Data Book of IUCN.

Girnar is the one of the home to the World famed asiatic lions apart from GIR. It is bestowed with handsome population of 40+ Lions. This area is a Revenue area just on paper, but this area is also a permanent residence for Asiatic  Lions  since the area over here is dry, scrubland which is suitable to Asiatic Lions. In August month of year 2009, the Lions killed 3 Herbivores in just One Week Time. Its recorded by Forest Department. But we know that if the people start to reside here, then the conflict between Humans and Lions(also Leopards) will increase drastically and certainly the Lions alongwith panthers will be blamed for the human attacks, although it is their part of territory and human is the one encroaching the forest area.

This area of Revenue is being cut since 5 days and on the date 30/09/2009 the whole area of 7 Acres is going to be cut down. The estimate of the trees going to be cut down is approximately more than 1200. The area is also blessed with some of the very rare and endangered species of Flora which are only found in this area. On one hand, the government provide huge amount of money and efforts to protect the Asiatic Lions and on the other hand such an important area of the Lions is being deforested. So we want to stop this deforestation immediately and we have another option for rehabilitation of the people who are going to settle over this place(Rupayatan).

But we just need immediately to stop this cutting of Important Trees in 48 hours otherwise more & more jungle will be cut. We met collector of Junagadh and he said that we are doing this for the purpose of development of Bhavnath Taleti's Fair. Fairs & Parikrama are held only once a year and this area is used only for 5-6 days but this is the area used daily by innumerous animals including Lions, Panthers & its potential prey such as Sambar & Wild Boars. So this is not the wise decision to cut 7 Acres of Land just for the purpose of Development. There is a news that 210 families are going to reside over there. If we count 3 members per family then the population will be nearly 700 and imagine the amount of pollution(noise, air, land) that will be created after this people come over here. All the 3 sides of this revenue area is surrounded by the Wildlife Sanctuary.

Please forward this mail to the following email ID's to show your concern to save one of the "Ideal Habitats" of the Asiatic Lion.

Jairam Ramesh:,,,
Narendra Modi:
Wildlife Enthusiasts from Junagadh, Gujarat, India

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