Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lion attacks one more outside Gir

Lion attacks one more outside Gir
Times of India

AHMEDABAD: In yet another incident, a lion attacked a 13-year-old boy who was sleeping in the fields in Morvel village of Dhari taluka.

The incident took place outside Gir sanctuary on Tuesday morning when Haresh Bhalabhai was sleeping in the field. However, he managed to escape with minor injuries.

According to the family, they were sleeping in the fields when Haresh started screaming. Hearing his cry, the family woke up and hearing the cries of the family, the lion escaped. Morvel is just outside the protected sanctuary towards Dhari.

Conservator of Forest Bharat Pathak said this is a minor incident as the boy was treated at the out patient department. He added that officials have gone to the area to ascertain whether it was an attack by the lion or something else. "We will look for the pug marks of the animal from the spot to ascertain whether the family is telling truth," Pathak said.

This is the third such incident. The first was on Friday where a youth Mukesh Parmar was killed after he went too close taking photographs of the mating lions.

In another incident, a buffalo saved a shepherd from the jaws of a lioness in Dhari-Tulsishyam range of Gir forest. The youth, identified as Chheda Devayat (25), was injured while trying to save his cattle from lions' attack. Devayat had gone along with his three shepherd friends Mehul Bhammar, Lakhman Bhammar and Bhola Chheda in the jungle.

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