Monday, January 19, 2009

Buffalo saves youth from lioness

Buffalo saves youth from lioness
Times of India

RAJKOT: In a rare wildlife incident, a buffalo saved a shepherd youth from the jaws of a lioness in Dhari-Tulsishyam range of Gir forest on Sunday morning. This incident left the youth injured. However, deputy forest officer of the range, M S Raja termed it as accidental attack. Official version said that the youth, Chheda Devayat (25), was injured while trying to save his cattle from the lions' attack.

According to villagers of Rajgariya Nase of Dhari-Tulsishyam road, Devayat had gone along with his three shepherd friends -- Mehul Bhammar, Lakhman Bhammar and Bhola Chheda, for cattle grazing in the jungle when they were confronted by the pride of five lions including a lioness.

"Suddenly, the lioness pounced upon Devayat. However, seeing his master being attacked, the buffalo owned by Devayat rushed to his rescue and drove away the big cat, brandishing horns," a villager narrated.

"However, Devayat was injured as the lioness had bitten off his buttocks," the villager said.

"The big cats beat a retreat as they were outnumbered by the flock of 50 to 60 buffaloes, which all rallied around the youths to protect them," he said.

Meanwhile, Devayat was rushed to Dhari government hospital, where he is recuperating.

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