Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cattle Killing by Lions

Cattle Killing by Lions
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A pride of about five lions was roaming in Akala and Chokli villages two days back and was brought back to Girnar forest by department after hard efforts. It also had attached 3 people there and killed few domestic cattle. Same pride has now turned towards Bhesan area people have informed forest-dept. to take them back to jungle. (Divya Bhaskar 26-01-2009)

There are about 35 lions residing in Savarkundla area (part of Greater Gir). On Republic Day night, pride of seven lions killed a cow at Nirmalbhai Khumar's farm at Jabad village in Sawarkundla range in Gir East. Later they killed 10 goats-sheeps at Hathsani village nearby and two bullocks-one calf. (Divya Bhaskar 28-01-2009)

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