Saturday, December 13, 2008

Seven liquor breweries raided in Gir sanctuary


Seven liquor breweries raided in Gir sanctuary

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Junagadh: Forest officials on Friday raided seven liquor breweries and recovered a cache of over a 1,000 litre of illegal country-made liquor from Gir sanctuary on Friday.


According to local crime branch (LCB) officials, a team led by police inspector JK Jhala swooped down on the area behind Wilingdon Dam in Datar Hill area and raided seven liquor breweries. "The raid yielded 200 litres of country liquor and 10,300 litres of raw material. This apart, equipment worth Rs 29,000 was also recovered from the breweries," said an LCB official.


"However, liquor mafia including Devayat Rabari, Karshan Rabari, Manu Rabari, Parbat Rabari, Manda Rabari, Naresh Rabari and Arjan Rabari fled before police could catch them," the official said. The raid put a question on the forest department's claim of maintaining law and order in the sanctuary. This is the first major haul of liquor from the area which is thronged by more than 10 lakh pilgrims at least twice a year. This is the same Datar Hill area where Chandni rape-and-murder case was reported oneand-half years ago.

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