Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lions cause traffic chaos on Una-Gadhadha road


Lions cause traffic chaos on Una-Gadhadha road

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Ahmedabad: This was a traffic that just wanted to stay jammed. On Monday night, traffic on Una-Gir Gadadha road in Junagadh district, froze for a couple of hours and nobody seemed to mind it. After all, not everyday do you get to see a lion and lioness parked in the middle of a road enjoying the cool evening breeze.


This couple was spotted sitting near Dholiwav village on Una-Gadadha road around 8 pm. Drivers who saw them stood some 500 metres away, soaking in the sight. Eyewitnesses said that as the news spread, people gathered around, careful not to breach the romantic moment. Amit Unadkat who also went to watch the lions told TOI, "For the past few days, one can see a group of lions moving near Ramdechi village, about two km from Talala. The spotting of lions here is quite common."


Rajesh Patel, also a resident of Gir Gadadha said that seeing the two big cats, he immediately called some of his friends. "People were sensitive enough not to disturb the couple. There was a lot of noise, but the duo seemed not to mind," he said. It was nearly a couple of hours before the lions decided it was time to go back into the jungle, and the engines revved up to proceed.

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