Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cattle Killing by Lions


Cattle Killing by Lions

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Leopard kills 36 sheeps at Nana Ankodia Village near Amreli. A leopard (assumed to be leopard from pugmarks) jumped 7ft high thorny bush and killed 36 sheeps in house of Maldhari Bholabhai Sindhabhai Gamara. There were about 70 sheeps in total. (Source : Gujarat Samachar 16-12-2008)


In one more common incidence, a lion killed 12 sheeps at Aelampur village near Una in Gir East. When the owner Maldhari Rajabhai Vijabhai woke up, he tried to scare away the lion by stick. In turn lionn attacked him too. Raja is admitted to hospital for treatment. (Source : Divya Bhaskar 20-12-2008)


Pride of 6 lions killed a Bull near Dalkhania, 12 kms away from Dhari in Gir E. The kill being on a hillock on roadside, hundreds of people gathered for 'Sinh – Darshan'. (Source : Divya Bhaskar 22-12-2008)

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