Friday, December 19, 2008

‘Hyena killed sheep’


'Hyena killed sheep'

Times of India


Forest officials have revealed that it was not  a leopard but a hyena which killed 36 sheep recently in a cattle yard in Nana Ankadiya village near Amreli. Interestingly, the investigations also indicated that many of these sheep died out of fear. "Earlier, we found pug marks of a leopard near the yard and suspected it to be behind the death of 36 sheep found lying in a pool of blood in the cattle yard of Bhola Gamara on Sunday night. However, during our probe on Tuesday, we found pug marks of a hyena and marks of a sheep being dragged to a nearby bush," said a forest official. "However, the hyena injured only 10 sheep, the rest of them died out of scare," the official said.

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