Saturday, September 27, 2008

Pride makes open crematorium its home


Pride makes open crematorium its home

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Junagadh: In a rare occurrence, a pride of lions — three lionesses and two lions, have made an open crematorium in Nesdi village of Khambha taluka of Junagadh district their home, scaring villagers.


The pride, which refuses to leave, roams around areas surrounding the village during daytime in search of prey and returns to the burial place. Says a villager, Bhiku Vala, "We have appealed to the forest department to take immediate action as these beasts have hindered our daily movements. Not only that, they have also been preying on our cattle and Neelgais of the area."


Meanwhile, in the neighbouring village of Samadhiyada, a leopard has kept the villagers terrorised by regularly preying on their cattle. A cage has been put in place to catch the spotted trouble but the villagers are yet to get lucky.

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