Monday, September 01, 2008

First Catch Wild dogs, compensate Loses ; says Mangrol President


First Catch Wild dogs, compensate Loses ; says Mangrol President

Divya Bhaskar

Briefly translated from Gujarati


Few days back Gujarat forest dept had informed Mangrol and Chorwad  Town council  not to release stray dogs into the forest. These towns are very near to Gir forest. This is to prevent lions for contracting unwanted diseases.


In turn, Chorwad Council followed the instructions. But Mangrol Council President mr. Iqbal Chapara barked back. He says to forest department via press that "you first catch your wild dogs straying in our town, Compensate loses that your wild dogs have done to human beings and their property."  He goes that in last two months number of dogs have suddenly increased in Mangrol. He says, these dogs have bitten human beings and have killed 150-200 sheep and goats. He (foolish) says, town dogs doesn't do these and wild dogs are responsible.


Kishore Kotecha's Comment :- I request somebody to open eyes of Mr. Council head that there are no WILD DOGS in Gir forest. So immidietly stop your stupidity.


Bhushan Pandya said...

This should not be made a prestige issue. We all know that domestic animals can spread virus. Lion conservation in last 100 years of Gir eco system has been unique & remakable which the whole world knows now. It has been a collective effort and local people have played a major role in it. If any one tries to harm the invaluable flora & fauna around us, he/she should be booked under wildlife protection laws.

As Shri Kishorebhai has rightly mentioned, there are no wild dogs in Gir!

amdavadi said...

Ha Ha Ha, If this knowlegeless politicians had some kind of long term vison, they should have realised that the wild dogs kills bigger beasts too. Mr.Iqbal you are safe, and it itself, a big evidence that there is no wild dogs in your town, otherwise they must have bite a big sheep like you.

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