Thursday, September 04, 2008

Leopard Attacks a boy


Leopard Attacks a boy

Gujarat Samachar

Briefly Translated from Gujarati


In another incidence of man-animal conflict, a leopard attacked a 6 year boy Karan Utambhai Adivasi. His family had come to Gir area from other district to earn money by farm labour work. Incidence took place at Pipadava village near Talala town in Gir West.


Leopard picked up the boy by head and started running away. But people of nearby farms gathered and sowed the boy. He was admitted to hospital for treatment and is safe. Forest department has taken necessary steps to catch the leopard.


Kishore Kotecha's Comment :-  My opinion is lions and other wild animals are gaining their lost habitate. Due to examplory consumption efforts, lion and other wild animals population is on rise in Gir forest. So over concentration inside the forest is also one of the reason of animals venturing out of animals venturing out of the sanctuary. This means alternate home is need of the day.

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