Monday, September 08, 2008

Lions have become like leopards!


Lions have become like leopards!

Divya Bhaskar

Briefly translated from Gujarati


Lions attacks human-being have increased and are a matter of worry. In last incidence, lion entered a hut of poor family and silently picked up a child just like running leopard. In another incidence, lion silently attacked a old man near Mityana jungle. The similarity of these incidences is the way how lion attacked which normally is not seen in lions.


Experts say this must be because of increasing number of lions and loss of habitat. In about 1900 Gir forest cover was about 5000 km2, which is now only 1412 km2.


Kishore Kotecha's Comments :- I deed this is writer's opinion of lion behaviour. One should just not make comments without scientific base behind it. My view is lions have been co-existing with human-beings since centuries and since then such human attacks are recorded. Now only change is publicity of the incidence in media. I definitely agree with writer (Shri Haresh Dave – Junagadh) that lion population is increasing, its habitat is decreasing and hence more chances of attack.

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