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When Gir lions kept forest guards captive


When Gir lions kept forest guards captive

Times of India

Junagadh: In today’s age of man caging wild animals, rarely would you find a beast having its way. It was time for sweet revenge for animal kingdom, when a pride of 13 lions decided to have fun at the expense of a couple of forest officials, on new year’s night and did it with such élan, that human beings had to climb atop a tree, to save their lives.

Two forest guards, A I Kathi and R B Chauhan, were on their usual night rounds in the Patwan area of Gir forest, on new year night, when the lions appeared, all of a sudden, on the road from Sarkadia to Surajkund. Noticing human presence the big cats became edgy and a few of them literally squatted, refusing to leave. The guards tried to quietly escape at about nine in the night, but were not allowed to, by the big cats and had to take shelter in a tree top for three hours to save their life. “The tree top was freezing in the chilly weather of winter,” said K at h i adding, “We were able to inform the forest department of our predicament via mobile from the tree top. Help arrived only after three hours.”

The entire staff on duty of the northern forest range rushed to the rescue of guards in the leadership of Forest officer S K Jadeja. Commenting on the incident, an officer of the department said that this sort of encounters are likely to increase due to man’s encroachment on the natural habitats of the animals. SOURCE : SANDESH

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