Saturday, January 19, 2008

Teenager fights lion to save its cattle


Teenager fights lion to save its cattle

Gujarat Samachar

An eye-witness Naranbhai Somabhai, resident of Kubda village near Dhari in Gir East, informs that Ranjit (14 years) and Raviraj (10 years) are sons of Gabhru Bhura. They took their cattle for grazing yesterday near Tilukiya river bed. In the morning they saw two lions but scared them away by making noise. But in the evening when they were returning to the village, a lioness leaped from the acacia tree and attacked a calf. On hearing calf mowing Ranjit ran and started pulling the calf from lioness’s mouth. Tug-of-war went on for some but finally lioness pulled away its kill and only rope was in Ranjit’s hand. That calf died but Ranjit’s braver saved rest of the cattle. In this war, even a buffalo tried to attack lioness to save the calf.

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